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THIS™ is a “start-up” Clothing Company, and all of the creative work has been done by me, Buddy Jackson -eccentric digital artist, .

My unusual music-videos are not actually being created for the purpose of “online-viewing”. Instead, I am using YouTube as a “repository” (a safe-place to keep my video creations -other than on my own personal PC computer).

Please View THIS™ Comic Strip which makes an effort to present the situation, dilemma, and solution as I see it:

If I ever get funding, I would like to provide a variety of what I call “Nomadic” sales units (as seen in the Debut Video). *Some of these “nomadic” contraptions are to have Video Projectors and Sound Systems, -where my music videos will function as advertising. (oh yeah!). *Other varieties of my sales units will be licensed to businesses such as beauty salons or boutiques and those Sales Units will come without Sound System or Video projector.

*However you care to label my work, I love creating Music Video’s -which look really freaking cool shining on a wall, into a tree or hillside!!

My Dream is to: Build THIS™ as a Company that creates Up-cycled Clothing for sale from Nomadic Sales Units you can be licensed to “own”.
I want to employ people who manufacture the (bohemian, gypsy, hippie-chic) clothing items, build the nomadic sales units and keep the authorized licensed sellers happy!

I wish the Sales Units should operate an hour before dark and two or three hours after dark. Example; 6:00PM to 10:00PM -Therefore, business takes place as Entertainment, -after dark.

My generalized vision example:
Sell and License a Nomadic Sales “Cart” to someone who wants to own their own business. (The license requires the “owner” to purchase more product from THIS™ Company).
My vision is to see that a seller will earn $12,000.00 a month from the sale of 300 items. 300 x $40 = 12k.. Forty Dollars? yes.

The “Carts” will typically have the Tablet (touchscreen) Marquee, which functions to allow a Customer to choose their “Good Fortune” which will be printed on The Gift Card. *like my phone number (213) 3-4-2 THIS, you’ll get Three for the Price of Two! *The Networked Software communicates with THIS™ Company, to keep track of Inventory.

To Better understand My Idea, Watch #THIStm Cartoon Debut:


✔ Look, Experience Mind-Blowing Fun At Our Nomadic Locations!

✔ Look, Enjoy Our Trippy Music and Visual “Projections!”

✔ Look, Enjoy #THIStm Brand Gift Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Style and Far-Out Vibe!

✔ Look, Choose Your “Good Fortune!”

✔ Look, Get Three Gifts For The Price Of Two!

✔ Look, THIS™ Is A Gift, It Comes In A Box With A Card!

✔ Look, You Can Improve Your Life By Sharing THIS™ With Someone You Love & Care About!

(213) 3-4-2 THIS
Crowd Funding:

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