About For Books Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read – Level 4: Emergent Readers (Kindergarten | Ages

Hooked on Phonics??Learn to Read Level 4?is the second Kindergarten level in the complete 8-level Learn to Read?series. – Level 1: Early Emergent Readers (Pre-K) – Level 2: Early Emergent Readers (Pre-K) – Level 3: Emergent Readers (Kindergarten) – Level 4: Emergent Readers (Kindergarten) – Level 5: Transitional Readers (First Grade) – Level 6: Transitional Readers (First Grade) – Level 7: Early Fluent Readers (Second Grade) – Level 8: Early Fluent Readers (Second Grade) All 8 levels are available in the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Kit Designed to help your child learn the building blocks of reading, Learn to Read Level 4?covers: – Level 3 Review – Short ?o,? ?u,? and ?e? Vowel Sounds – The ?-ck? Ending Sound – Compound Words – 18 New Sight Words This set includes: – 6 Original Storybooks written to reinforce the skills your child learns in the program ? ? ?- Pop Fox ? ? ?- The Fog ? ? ?- Fun in the Sun ??? ?- Dog Bug ? ? ?- Ted ? ? ?- Pig?s Backpack – 1 Bonus Book,?Big Bad Ben,?by the award-winning children?s book author and illustrator Rosemary Wells – 1 Workbook that will guide you and your child through all of the lessons and many fun activities – 1 DVD filled with music videos and fun introductions to each lesson, where letters come to life – 1 Set of Stickers to proudly display in the workbooks and celebrate reading success – Video streaming online of all DVD content and additional bonus content on MyHOP (My.HookedonPhonics.com) Designed in conjunction with leading educators, award-winning authors, teachers and parents, Hooked on Phonics??Learn to Read?uses a proven, simple, and fun method to give your child a strong foundation in phonics and reading skills. – Learn: Your child learns to read new words by watching the videos and reading the workbook. – Practice: Your child practices reading the new sound combinations and words in the workbook. – Read: Your child puts it all together to read a great story. – Celebrate: Celebrate success after each lesson and track your child?s progress!

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