Aphix “Sin King” Boiler Room Debuts

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From Keysound’s clan of producers comes this stealth bomber by Bristol beat-padawan, Aphix. “Sin King” – which comes as part of a 14-track LP called Certified Connections – has quite the sepulchral mooching motion about it. We’re talking glacial synths, dingy low frequencies and offsetting screeches that could accompany any horror flick cliff-hanger. All of which sit perfectly within a tracklist including the likes of Logos, Murlo and other up and comers like Caski and Etch.

Label owners, Dusk & Blackdown, are celebrating their 50th release with this project that continues their exploration into the more abstract peripheries of garage and UK bass.

‘Keysound Recordings presents… Certified Connections’ is out November 24.
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