Bikari Aur Kanjus ki Anoki Kahani – The Beggar And The Miser – Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

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A beggar moves to a rich looking village in the hope of finding generous people. He knocks at the doors of a large mansion all day but the man living inside claimed that he had no food, clothes or water to give. Read on to see what advice the beggar gives the miser in this moral story for children.r
Artists from all over the world collaborated on our unique Bulbul technology platform to produce these beautiful illustrations, animations and sounds and put together as an interive story book for parents and kids. r
Why do toddlers, kids and parents love our interive story apps?r
* Loads of surprisesr
* Fun animationsr
* Interionsr
* Wonderful musicr
* Read along background voicesr
* Learning through fairy tales, stories and booksr
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