Canelita – Festival Flamenco 2015 Exclusiva

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En ingles – flamenco –
– The cante flamenco meaning “flamenco song”
– A “flamenco guitar” is a guitar similar to a classical acoustic guitar
but with thinner tops and less internal bracing.
It is used in toque , the guitar-playing part of the art of flamenco .
– A palo or cante – is the name traditionally given in the flamenco
environment for the different musical forms.
– Flamenco rumba, also called rumba flamenca, rumba gitana, gypsy rumba, Spanish rumba or, simply, rumba.
is a style of flamenco music from Spain.
The channel for all fans of a flamenco!
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¡El canal para todos los aficionados del flamenco!
Канал для всех любителей фламенко!
(фламенко, гитара фламенко, фламенко музыка, танец фламенко, уроки фламенко, испанское фламенко, фестивали фламенко, мастер-классы фламенко и многое другое)
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