Chopin – Nocturno Op.15 Música para relajarse y descansar

Frédéric Chopin (1810 – 1849)
Nocturno Op.15

Os presentamos una versión del famoso Nocturno Op.15, del compositor polaco Frederic Chopin.
Esta obra consiste en tres piezas para piano escritas entre 1830 y 1833.

Esta música es ideal para relajarse y descansar, o para ponerla como música de fondo para leer o trabajar.

Los tres nocturnos son:
Nocturno Op.15, nº1 en Fa mayor
Nocturno Op.15, nº2 en Fa sostenido mayor
Nocturno Op.15, nº3 en Sol menor

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Fréderic Chopin (1810 – 1849)
Nocturnes Op.15

We present you with a cover version of the well-known composition for piano “Nocturne Op.15”, by the polish composer Frederic Chopin.
This opus consists of three consecutive piano pieces written by Chopin between 1830 and 1833.

This music is great for relaxation or stress relief.

You can also play it as background music for reading or work.

The tree pieces are:
Nocturne Op.15, No.1 in F major
Nocturne Op.15, No.2 in F# major
Nocturne Op.15, No.3 in G minor

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