Chyi Yu – The Sigh of Chrysanthemum 菊叹齐豫 1983

Another song from Chyi’s “You are all my memories” album, which is less accessible than her other albums, but much-loved by those who follow her music closely. Much has been written about it, and this song in particular. I found a very interesting appraisal at

“Li Tai Xiang (李泰祥) and Chyi (齐豫) were such a perfect match in the early Taiwan music scene; their synergized concoctions were often impressive and usually unforgettable. After the widely accepted success debut of Olive Tree (橄榄树) in 1979, the dual finally got together to excite their fans again four years later with You are My Only Memory 《你是我所有的回忆》. The long wait was definitely worthwhile to Li and Chyi’s audiences; A hidden gem in this 1983 album was another beautiful poetic song named The Sigh of Chrysanthemum《菊 叹》The Sigh of Chrysanthemum originated from Taiwanese poet, Xiang Yang’s (向陽) poetry collection (《心事》 詩集).

It was written in 1978 when the young poet was still serving the army. To fully appreciate the song, you have to devote a quiet space. When you listen immensely with your heart, you will slip into the the mental picture of serene dusk with falling leaves wavering against a sunset backdrop, suggesting a tinge of bleakness. The author followed the less trodden path under the weak moon beam; where he trampled on the branches left behind by the woodcutter. He was alone throughout the journey but definitely not lonely; the longing to see the blooming chrysanthemum made him persisted along the trail. The trailing may cost a life-time of searching, but he is certainly willing to wait for that moment.
I therefore felt it appropriate to include the poet, as well as the composer, within my video. This song is sometimes called “Chyi Yu national anthem song”
and can equally be entitled Ju Sigh. Ju is pinyin for chrysanthemum, which is a special flower in many countries.

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