Clever Joe. English for Children Nursery Rhymes. Playway to English Unit.6. Ex.4. Rhymes children

Clever Joe. Playway to English. Unit.6. Ex.4. Video.r
Cartoon Story. Whach the story. r
English Nursery Rhymes Children Songs. English for children. Stories, songs, games, chants and rhymes make learning English. Nursery Rhymes.r
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This Nursery Rhymes Pupils acquire English through play, music and Total Physical Response, providing them with a fun and dynamic learning experience. Children learn to use English confidently through listening and speaking before they are taught to read and write. The course for teaching English to young children features a wide range of support materials for teachers, including a DVD with entertaining sketches and animated cartoon stories, presenting target language in an amusing and motivating way. The course comes with a set of illustrated story cards and flashcards to help children remember what theyve learned. r
– Stories, songs, games, chants and rhymes make learning English memorabler
– Produced by a highly experienced author team who have been teaching and writing for young learners for many yearsr
– Strong teacher support in the form of a clear, user-friendly Teachers Guide and a Teachers Resource Pack r
– Lovable charers, such as Max the cheeky glove puppet, who introduce the language in an enjoyable way r
– captivating dialogues that motivate and intrigue pupilsr
– presentation of vocabulary through posters and flashcardsr
– catchy songs and chantsr
– carefully graded development of all four skillsr
– inspiring texts and contextualised ivities that promote ive learningr
– craftwork, projects and portfolio ivitiesr
– cross-curricular & cross-cultural sectionsr
– green sections, promoting respect for the environmentr
– Myths & Legends: a fascinating section where learners are immersed in a world of fantasy and mysteryr
– cartoon strips to promote reading for pleasurer
Popular Nursery Rhymes in English with good Animation & Music, which are very popular all over the World.The Rhymes.r
The kids can easily follow the lyrics,the charers & background music of each rhyme.

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