CORPORATE GOVERNMENT AT IT AGAIN Bundy Ranch and the Southern Nevada People

NASA Antares rocket explodes upon lift off in Virginia… video here:


Why U.S. green groups are talking about “killing the planet with CARBON DIOXIDE THAT YOU EXHALE” this election

World Premiere of Hit Music Video: “My Ebola ‘Obola’”

Lawmaker claims plans may be in pipeline to bring non-citizens to US for Ebola treatment

Constitution Check: Will the Supreme Court reinforce majority rule in Congress?

“This whole Ebola thing is probably one of my greatest accomplishments.” Obola makes Saturday Night!

There have been repeated warnings issued from many of our past presidents and high influential leaders starting with George Washington all the way to John F. Kennedy.

ARE YOU A WAKE YET “Obama Obola response”!” CDC Quietly Deletes Guidelines”

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