Death Trips – Playthrough (short horror game)

— Death Trips – Playthrough (short horror game) —
My wife playing Death Trips on PC.
Enjoy this short horror experience in an infamous hotel, where a serial killer is
(probably) inside.

This small game was made in two days just for celebrating this Halloween.

– Coding, music & sound effects by: Alberto Navarro @forameuss

– 3D models & extra assets from Unity Asset Store &

Updated Nov 09, 2018
Published Oct 30, 2018
Status Released
Platforms Windows
Author Alberto Navarro
Genre Interactive Fiction
Made with Unity
Tags 3D, Dark, First-Person, Halloween, Horrible, Horror, Singleplayer, stupid, Unity
Average session A few seconds
Languages English
Inputs Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick

— Death Trips – Playthrough (short horror game) —

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