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Sham Idrees has received recognition from millions of fans worldwide. His Facebook page alone is now over 4 Million Likes! with over 25 million being reached per week through his Entertainment Videos and Music
His single ” London 2 Paris” produced by Kemyst is almost a million views and downloaded by thousands worldwide.
His popular remix “Dil Dil Pakistan” produced by Kemyst is almost at a quarter of a million views on you tube alone. However YouTube is blocked in Pakistan where this video is immensely viewed. Having almost 26,000 Shares on Facebook alone. This video went viral in Pakistan and was featured and aired on many TV stations including PTV, GEOTV, AAGTV and many other channels as well as being played on many radio stations country wide.
Sham Idrees has taken over the Desi/Bollywood market through being an entertainer, song writer and nasheed artists. He is well known in the community as being a role model. Spreading comedy videos and moral based short films
Rahim Desi Pardesi, a British Pakistani from Glasgow who makes short comedy sketches mostly based on situations within the Pakistani community, joins the host. Plus, Pakistani music and entertainment and biggest showbiz stories in Lollywood Latest

Rahim Desi Pardesi Mr Desi Pardesi is the alter ego to Rahim..fresh from the pind, with his beloved wife Nasreen, aka ‘tension’ this is his story! Like & tag

This comedian’s take on Pakistani politicians will leave you in fits
All major power players in Pakistani politics, including Altaf Hussain, Shahbaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Imran Khan, have a distinct style — and some face palm moments — that are part of their political package.
A comedian named Syed Shafaat Ali has impersonated some of these politicians in a parody video that has been making the rounds on social media.

Pakistan’s got talent: Young girl crooning Mann Mayal OST grabs Shuja Haider’s attention
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Hailing from Peshawar, Ali stars in Mere Aziz Hum Watno, aired on a local news channel.
The video is a take on Altaf Hussain’s relationship with British government which is seemingly sour these days. Ali is seen imitating Altaf’s performance of the song Pardey Mein Rehnay Do, which he actually performed once during a press conference.
A second clip shows Ali mimicking the MQM leader’s loud, eccentric style of addressing crowds
One of the videos shows Ali imitating Imran, Shahbaz and Bilawal in their signature style, making speeches that made headlines.

As Imran, Ali speaks about his feelings towards Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, following by Shahbaz Sharif defending his brother. Ali also reenacts the hilarious exchange Bilawal had with a reporter regarding his marriage. “Whichever girl decides to marry me, it will be a very, very difficult task for her,” the PPP chairman recently said when asked about his marriage.

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