Fisher-Price – Farm Animal Puzzle / Puzzle Malucha Wesoła Farma – Laugh & Learn – DLB27 / CGM35

Puzzle Malucha Wesoła Farma z serii Ucz się i Śmiej od Fisher-Price.r
Five chunky animal figures are easy for baby to grasp, hold, match up & fit into the picture puzzle base! Puppy wants to introduce your baby to his animal friends from the farm! When Baby fits each animal puzzle piece into place, they hear a song with that animals name and sound! They can also press Puppys button for the ABC song, a farm animal song and fun phrases like “Whats your favorite animal?”r
• Teaches ABCs, animal names and sounds, and colors too!r
• Baby can press Puppys button for fun phrases, the ABC song and a fun animal song!r
• When Baby correctly matches and places an animal piece in its slot, theyre rewarded with animal names and sounds —a unique song for each animal!r
• Figuring out where and how the animals fit into the puzzle base encourages development of eye-hand coordination and thinking & problem solving skillsr
• Bright colors, sounds & music, and dimensional puzzle pieces help stimulate babys senses of sight, sound & touchr
• Animal puzzle pieces are easy for baby to grasp, promoting fine motor skills and imaginative playr
• Requires 2 AA batteries

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