Five Alarm Funk – We All Scream (Official Video)

Tom Towers falls under the spell of the diabolic Ice Cream Man and Five Alarm Funk is forced to do battle with all manner of dessert-related demons in his treacherous factory in order to rescue their conga player.

Filmed on the Red Scarlet, between 10-13 May 2013, on location in Vancouver, Langley and Richmond, British Columbia.

Five Alarm Funk is on a cross-Canada tour in summer 2013!
Check the dates at — — @fivealarmfunk on Twitter

Figure 4 Productions

Produced and Directed
by James Kingstone & Seán Ronan

Five Alarm Funk
Gerald Williams as The Ice Cream Man

Kyle Samuels – Director of Photography
Cori Davidson – Production Designer
Bianca Versteeg – 1st Assistant Director
Matthew K. Grant – 2nd Assistant Director
Rosie Simon – Dance Choreographer
Christina Seog – Script Supervisor
Tyler McGrath – Gaffer
Anthony Jackson – Key Grip
Rebecca Caverly – Best Boy Grip
Dan Richardson – Assistant to the 2nd Assistant Director
Anthony Jackson – Key Electric
Jerrett Lockert – Best Boy Electric

Courtney Shields – Dance Captain
Gabriela Gonzalez-Milroy – Dancer
Trevor White – Dancer
MJ Lee – Dancer
Kevin Li – Dancer
Lawanyaa Thavakumar – Dancer
Natalie Dinsdale – Pole Dancer
Adam Damien Grant – Scotty Spikes
Matthew Kyle Grant – Security Guard
Anelys Gonzalez Cortes – IC Factory Worker
Wongela Wit – IC Factory Worker
Julian Harrison – Little Boy
Austin Gibson – Little Boy

Kyle Samuels – Camera Operator
Tyler McGrath – Camera Operator
Jordan Ewan – 1st Assistant Camera
Nicole Jang – Art Director
Gabriela Gonzalez-Milroy – Art Design
Wongela Wit – Ice Cream Design
Sheryl Orcullo – Art Design
Adam Damien Grant – Stunt Coordinator
Kaija Kinney – Key Make-up
Nicole LaJeunesse – Key Make-up
Lennie Ede – Make-up
Wongela Wit – Make-up
Nicole LaJeunesse – Key Hair Stylist
Matthew Hall – Location Manager
Riley Bell Assistant – Location Manager
Jean Sebastian – Locations
Mohammed Achawa – Locations
Bobby Gorman – Locations
Jordan Ewan – Focus Puller
Ethan Earl – Production Assistant
Augustine Lee – Production Assistant
Cori Davidson – Costume Supervisor
Clara Farrelly-Foulds – Costume Designer
Ally Roberton – Costume Designer
Maddi deWalt – Key Crafts
Steph Colquhoun – Crafts
Cathy Kirkpatrick – Crafts
Kyle Samuels – Crane Operator
Ico Bautista-Garcia – Nurse
Kathy O’Flynn-Magee – Casting Liaison
Aaron Ling – Digital Imaging Technician
Johnny Liu – Set Photographer
Kevin Williams – Set Photographer
Sonia Furstrand – Set Photographer

With Thanks To:
Dead Frog Brewery
Ryan Selbe
Jesse Sugarman & The Charlatan
Caffe Rustico
The Harrisons
The Hall Family
Yen Bros.
Mr. Cool Ice Cream
John B Pub
Tara Hamoka
Tricia Harrison
Sarah Wright

Legal support provided by Cineworks
Kyle Samuels – Editor
Yaniv Silberman – Assistant Editor
Ryan Jickling – Effects and Colour
Aryn Davidson – Post-Production Consultant
Rachel Davidson – Post-Production Consultant
Bradley Samuels – Post-Production Consultant
John L. Kim – Post-Production Consultant

Gabe Boothroyd – Executive Producer
Tayo Branston – Executive Producer

EPK Team
Aaron Ling – Producer
Cori Davidson – Director
Kevin Williams – Director
Augustine Lee – Interviewer
Steve Smith – Director of Photography
Scott Reisterer – Sound Engineer
Erin Stainsby-Anderson – Research Assistant

Carl Julig – Timbales
Colin Maskell – Bari Sax
Dameian Walsh – Tenor Sax
Gabe Boothroyd – Guitar
Justin Kennedy – Shekare
Kent Wallace – Trumpet
Neil Towers – Bass
Nimish Parekh – Trombone
Oliver Gibson – Guitar
Tayo Branston – Drums
Tom Towers – Congas

We All Scream was recorded by Gabe Boothroyd, Ryan Karkhairan, Oliver Gibson, and Ben Kaplan
Mixed by Ben Kaplan at Fader Mountain Studios in Vancouver, BC
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering

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