Hi5Ghost “Nook Shot (Commodo Remix)” – Boiler Room Debuts

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After a string of sell-out releases, Bristol badman, Boofy, warms the coals on his Sector7Sounds label with a new slab of wax.

Tenacious sino-grime is the name of the game once more, this time courtesy of Bandulu’s Hi5Ghost and “Nook Shot”. The original is all glottal bass growls, Oriental flute/pan pipe embellishment and Eski drum jabs; all warring for ascendency on what is a stark, yet hard-hitting 140bpm dub. Commodo’s facelift is similarly Far East-facing, but has more of a hood mentality; murkier and sprinkled with Riko Dan-esque, spitfire Jamaican vocal blurts. Both are equally Debuts-worthy, but its the latter that rattles the chest a little harder.

Strictly vinyl business, and only 500 hand-stamped ones at that. Be sure to keep the eyes peeled for the release.

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