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Children! Do youll remember what the Incy Wincy Spider did? The nursery rhyme will help you babies recall. But first lets see how much youll can recollect. No, it didnt spin a new web inside a house. It climbed up the water spout! “Was it successful in climbing up,” youll ask? Well, unfortunately the rain came down and washed it out. “So could it climb again?” Yes! Luckily the sun came out and dried up the rain and the Incy Wincy did climb back up again! Hmm..looks like you toddlers need to sing and dance to the rhyme once more to refresh your studies. Or were youll playing with us? Aha! Youll want us to sing along! Well, then, bring out you playtime babies because were ready to hum and jump when youll want!r
Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™r
Video: Copyright USP Studios™r

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