Jorge Palma”Labirinto” 1975 Portuguese Prog Rock

Jorge Palma “Jorge Palma” 1975 Portuguese Prog Rock masterpiece

Portugal pop prog psych! 5 stars on Pokora’s book!

reissued 2007 under the tittle Jorge Palma ‎ “Com Uma Viagem Na Palma Da Mão”

I really liked this record. The more I hear him the more I like him. There are some known songs that still sings today. Very based on piano and flute, with some incursions for rock and experimentation. Attention to the sound, because it was recorded from the vinyl, since this is just the same. I think there is still no cd … The songs “Enough of illusions” and “Poema Filipão …” are very cool and well-remembered ..

1975 unknown debut album by this Portuguese artist, which was to me the discover of the year! Absolutely fantastic psych/prog with acid-folk hints, delicate piano, acoustic guitars, drums, electric guitar, sax & flute and of course a great vocalist! This is a minuscule edition of only 333 copies that to my knowledge was distribitued only in Portugal and sold out immediately! The cover is just stunning: A collage showing on the left side two fists crushing against each other, one with The Russian colours and the other with the American colours. On the right a half-naked being saying to himself: “Is it really this way, or am i crazy?” Musically this is positive discover, as Jorge palma, just like José Cid, didn’t really follow an interesting musical path in the 80’s and beyond, as opposed to this work, which in my opinion stands as high as “beautiful people” by Bill Quick, though with a more mysterious and darker, more “prog” side. This will for sure be in the next Pokora book (probably with 6 stars). Forget locating an original or even this insanely rare reissue !…by music emporium…….

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