Julien Chaptal – Call Me (Original Mix)

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‘The Look On Your Face EP’ underlines why Parisian born DJ and producer Julien Chaptal is widely regarded as one of the most talented artists to have emerged from the vibrant Amsterdam scene in recent years. The three tracks that comprise this debut release on Defected are indicative of his versatile production skills and reflect his signature style diverse live sets which range from deep house to Daft Punk-esque house to the unmistakably Dutch rhythmic techno.

The eponymous lead track is a straight up deep house cut. Its dynamic bass line, energised and intricate percussion and dissonant synths wind their way intelligently throughout, dropping satisfyingly into an effortlessly cool main refrain. In stark contrast ‘Call Me’ fuses elements of synthpop, funk and electro; a sound so indicative of the housey roots of Chaptal’s fatherland. Its leisurely down tempo beat, rolling synths and funk inspired rhythms make it a truly original and captivating groove and one which oozes musicality. To complete the package is ‘Wild Cat’; an up tempo offering which pays homage to the positive old school vibes of the 90’s. Its infectious piano chords, claps, snares and animalistic calls lead their way around a series of build ups and breakdown with an energised momentum. Top drawer stuff from an artist of unquestionable dexterity.


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