Lead Guitar Lesson – Practice Routine Exercises to Develop Great Guitar Technique Part 1


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In this guitar lesson, our new teacher, Rob Compagna, will teach you a cool practicing routine for developing great technique on guitar.
So, the examples of today´s lesson are mainly exercises as a vehicle to increase speed and accuracy. The first example is a 2 notes per string exercise that we are going to play with the ring and pinky finger. Then we will use the 7 positions of the diatonic scale for playing two basic melodic patterns.

Ok, hope you like this lesson and don´t forget to come up with your own ideas, which is the best advice for starting to find `your´ unique sound and style. That is all for today… Also we suggest that you keep enjoying and learning from Rob and all the staff at Guitarcontrol.com! Where? In our free guitar lessons at www.youtube.com/guitarcontrol

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