Logic – Nikki (Music Video)

Artist: Logicr
Song: Nikkir
Album: Under Pressurer
Intro Sample: The Mirror by Pac Divr
(Ratt Pack Music Video)r
A music video of a compilation of clips from my trip to Reno, NV for business and fun. Going along with the musical rendition of Logics addiction to nicotine, this music video looks at the time and repetition of an addiction to cigarettes. Mostly focusing on the habits of smoking itself, mixed with social fun and as well as the inconvenience for a smoker while traveling. This music video was all shot on my iPhone 5S and was edited in iMovie. r
I like to call this my initiation to the Ratt Pack and becoming a honest Logic fan. This is my 1st of many more music videos to come.r
Thank you for watching and enjoy!r
Copyright: 2014 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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