MACHINE MACHINE performs the song “INSPIRATION” for BalconyTV.
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As seniors in High School; Lyle Bray, Christian Jackson and Riley Hucks claimed use of the abandoned cathedral next door to school (Which was being used as an music instrument storage facility) and used it as their own jam room at breaks, giving them an outlet to make music and form the band now known as MACHINE MACHINE. MACHINE MACHINE? That’s an odd name you may say. Yes we agree, although if you really think about it, all names are weird, so deal with it. Once the rhythm flowed from Riley’s Bass fingers and Chris’s sticks, Lyle’s smooth, smooth voice was revealed, causing tidal waves of excitement and enthusiasm from us all. That’s when we decided something was missing. Through a friend of a friend, we met our legendary Lead Guitarist, Dylan Hooper, it was love at first chord, and from there we haven’t looked back. Playing gigs all over Cairns (Including the awesome Grass Is Greener Festival), MACHINE MACHINE have their sights set on lights, and are excited for their adventures beginning in Brisbane next year.

Venue // The Billabong Kuranda //
Sponsor // Travel Beats Cairns //
Sponsor // Carl Neal & Son Builders //

Camera // Ewan Cutler
Audio // Kris Hutchinson

Tune in again to BalconyTV //

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