Nicki Minaj Vows to Stop Using Instagram if Post Likes Are Hidden

Nicki Minaj Vows to Stop Using
Instagram if Post Likes Are Hidden.
Nicki Minaj recently took
to Twitter to speak out against
Instagram’s latest feature.
The platform’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced last week that
Instagram would begin hiding post likes in the United States. .
In response, Minaj said she would no longer
post content on the popular social media site. .
“I’m not posting on IG after this week cuz they removing
the likes. Hmmmm what should I get into now? Think of
all the time I’ll have with my new life.”
Nicki Minaj, via Twitter.
Although Mosseri stated the new feature
was meant to “depressurize” Instagram, Minaj
believes the change is motivated by money. .
“This isn’t about how smaller companies will cope. It’s about WHY the bigger
company is doing it … They continue to make the REAL MONEY.”
Nicki Minaj, via Twitter.
She then went on to suggest that
Instagram’s feature is just a way
of “controlling” user engagement.
“And who do you think is controlling those numbers? so that influencers
can be out here “influencing” ppl to LIKE all the new stuff
they bout to do? They gotta get y’all on board to spread the word.”
Nicki Minaj, via Twitter

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