Northern Soul 2009 – The Official Trailer

This is the brand new official YouTube trailer of our brand new album, “Northern Soul 2009”. Narrated by Jazz FM legendary radio DJ, the incredibly respected Ralph Tee, it shows clips from all twenty eight stunning floorfillers on our latest and most difficult album we have ever completed. Having already released “Northern Soul 2007” and “Northern Soul 2008” on Centre City Records over the last two years, I began to record the songs for “Northern Soul 2009” in February of 2009, with my long time producing partner Clive Scott, until that awful unspeakable day of May 10th, when Clive passed away, just two weeks after suffering a terrible accident, caused by falling off a ladder, and left us all devastated. Fifteen of the songs were finished. Clive and I had started the music for six more, and now, in honour of his memory, I have compiled a further seven songs which Clive and I had written for various projects but had never been released. It seemed only right that Clive’s last ever project, “Northern Soul 2009”, should contain all songs that he had written with me, so with a heavy heart, we have set about the task of completing this monumentally important project to keep his skill and talent alive forever. After seven long months work, it is finally released on September 21st 2009. And, as with “Soul Steppers” earlier this year, our new albums are being distributed by Wienerworld, who have put out all our Northern Soul DVDs, and this time we look certain to get it sold in all the remaining major record shops around the country. A bittersweet loving tribute to the much missed Clive Scott.

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