[OFFICIAL TRAILER ] Fate/ Lost Dream – Episode 01: Homecoming

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Peace Walker: https://www.facebook.com/peacewalkerentertainment
Prologue 01: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69-iFvNmfvY
Prologue 02: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHY39ge-s_Y

Fate/ Lost Dream – Episode 01: Homecoming( Fate/ Stay Night Live-Action Fan Film )

Trailer Music:
– The Offering – KPM Music
– Fatal Fight ( Rock Mix ) – Shockwave Sound

This is a fan film and is completely non-profit. We do not own any copyrights to the name or likelihood. No copyright infringement intended. All material copyright Type-Moon company. All rights reserved.

Producer: Peace Walker
Director/Editor: Yundo
Cameraman: Do Duy Hoang
Script Writer: Do Duy Hoang, Thuy Nhu
Fashion Stylist: Dong Nguyen
Costume: Third Floor Fashion, Number5 Fashion
Designer & Weapons: Quang Thinh, Do Duy Hoang, Shen
VFX & 3D: Doyuu Harume
Makeup: Ngoc Diep
Director of Photography: Tien Hayat
Lighthing: Tien Hayat
Director of Action: San Kel, Nguyen Duy Tien
Composer: Eight.D
Music Arranged & Produced by Cao Long ( LALA Studio )
Post Production Sound Design: Doyuu Harume
Photographer: Yo Studio
Actor: Taro Duc, Oang Nguyen, Tyk Nguyen, Nhu Hexi, Tang Thien Kim, Tran Dung, Xuan Vinh, Zonbi, Nguyen Duy Tien, Khoa Hi, Na Mí, Thanh Vinh.

“Fate/ Lost Dream” is the first Live Action Fan Film from Vietnam based on the Anime “Fate” Series ( Fate/ Stay Night, Fate/ Zero…) of Type-Moon. The movie is a non-profit unofficial fan film.

Peace Walker Entertainment are the Big Fan of this Series. With utmost respect to the creators of “Fate” series and fans, we humbly present our vision for an original Live-Action story within the Fate Universe.

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