Oor Iravu – Thunbam Nergayil Song

Oor Iravu – Tamil Movie
Star Cast: Neelakandan, Kumari Kamala,T.S.Balaiah,K.R.Ramasamy,Lalitha, Nageswara Rao,T.P.Muthulakshmi
Music: R. Sudarsanam
Direction: NeelaKantan

Oor Iravu is a Tamil drama Movie. The play Or iravu depicts the events that happen in a single night. Neelakandan lives with his mother kumari kamala. Neelakandan who is a thief, breaks into rich man K.R.Ramasamy’s house One night. As the movie proceeds Neelakandan comes to know that K.R.Ramasamy is his father and he has abandoned him and his mother long time bask due to un avoidable situations. The rest of the movie tells how the family overcomes all the issues and unite..

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