photo evidence

Here's a closeup shot of the driver's face...

Is this you?

SMILE! Just kidding - You haven't been caught speeding - Sorry!

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Why not tell all of your friends (and enemies) about this site and we'll trick them too! It's an ideal wind up prank to play on April Fool's Day. Have fun and enjoy.

We've also looked around for some dash cameras and speed camera detectors which can help you avoid getting caught by a speed camera in the first place. Check out some of these cameras below.

Speed cameras and speed traps cause more road accidents in the UK than they prevent. Tell me you don't hit the brakes to slow down when you see a camera and then speed up again when you get past it?

How many car accidents does that kind of driving cause?

Make sure you have effective car insurance. You can even get car insurance against being banned from driving.

Many young people leaving school and starting college find it difficult to get cheap car insurance, but there are some companies that offer young persons car insurance, so check them out.

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