Pops in Seoul Ep2871

SHINee (Everybody)
This is the title track of SHINee’s fifth mini album of the same name. The genre of this music is called complextro, which means “complex electro” music. It has a catchy melody and funky rhythm. In the song, the members of SHINee express their determination to awaken the childlike innocence in the listeners and to take them into a world of exciting music and rhythm.

Pops 20
Lovelyz (Hi~)
This is the title track of Lovelyz’s first repackaged album of the same name. It’s a song about a girl who confesses her love, and the members’ innocent voices and the sweet melody line combined with the magnificent string sound express the thrill of falling in love.

Music Unplugged
Red Velvet (Ice Cream Cake)
This is one of the double title tracks of Red Velvet’s first mini album of the same name. It’s an electronic pop song with a mystical music box sound. It’s about a young woman who’s enjoying romance that’s as sweet as an ice cream cake, and it highlights the cute and lovely side of the members.

5 Hot Tracks
Baek Z Young (Garosugil at Dawn (with Song Yu-vin))
This song describes the heartache of a couple who separated on Garosugil at dawn. The realistic portrayal adds more sadness to the song, and the fantastic harmony between Song Yu-vin and Baek Z Young as well as the emotional melody are very touching.

Min-ah (I Am a Woman Too)
This is the title track of Min-ah’s first solo album of the same name. It is an urban R&B track with an old school synth sound and a funky guitar riff. Min-ah’s sorrowful vocals perfectly suit the lyrics giving a realistic portrayal of a woman who just wants to be loved.

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