PSYcandy – Quitar (goa psytrance and guitar)

This is my first attempt at a guitar-based trance track, using DSK Steel Acoustic for the long and (I think) catchy intro, FL Slayer (Tube Amp, Combo cabinet) for the riffs and NI Massive for the strange bits. 3-layer kick and sidechained bass rounds out the tune.
It was tricky finding a really good guitar sound but DSK VST are extremely good and available free, as is FL Slayer which ships with FL Studio.

More tunes, all free at

For this video I compiled antique cartoons, rotoscoped in Freehand and animated to the correct chords in Flash – except Uncle Pecos ‘Crambone’ (Tom and Jerry) (11-Nov-1955) (from which has a great old-school feel to it and needed no adjustment in the timing. ‘Batmetal’ crowd (via SharkRobot and all over YT, Coub), comes from

I intended to draw this entire video by hand and halted 2 weeks in, having produced 17 seconds at 8-10 fps. I still intend to produce the video in this manner, but don’t hold your breath. I reckon it’ll see daylight in 2017 if all goes well – it’s a lot more work than you think. It’s easy to see how some shows cost USD 1M/episode even when farmed out to Korea. I don’t have USD 1M but I do have lots of pencils.

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