Radiant Archadia singing Bosnian folk song

Radiant Arcadia group from Denmark singing Bosnian folk song at 4th International Sufi Festival at Kamani auditorium, New Delhi. This event was organised by the Indian Council for Cultural relations.

Radiant Arcadia is a new band of women musicians with roots from Copenhagen, Germany and UK. The project was founded by Annette Bellaoui, director of ‘Missing Voices’, Denmark.

Although they have Muslim, Jewish and Christian backgrounds, their music is a reflection of their artistic individuality and when fused, creates a unique dimension of music and a further exploration of it.

They hope to please and inspire people and work for equality, reaching out to friendship across all borders and cohesive communities.

Denmark is a country defined though three aspects of Danish life: Simplicity, politeness, and propriety. Denmark’s culture and society stems from long history and an ethnically homogeneous people. the music of Denmark is a very special branch of music with no particularly Danish instrument in use but coming with a distinguished sound that is quite pleasing to the ear. The music of the group reflects their roots, faith, ethnicity and cultural upbringing, aspects that shape their lives and music.

Source : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Radiant-Arcadia/347761181990860?id=347761181990860&sk=info

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