Rajinikanths Robot Sequel To Have Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Work With RAjnikant in Robot Seequl
Whoa! Way to go Rajinikant Ji! We know you are the king of films down south and an absolute superman in Bollywood. However this is taking you to a different level hai na?

Our khoofiya just told us that Rajni Sir would now be making a sequel to his hugely popular Robot and would have none other than Hollywood hunk  Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Yes, you heard us right. So when the Superhero meets the Terminator, sparks are gonna fly what say? And with the continuous trend of Hollywood stars in Hindi movies and vice versa we sure are going to go a long way in making our entry into Hollywood big time what say?

As for Rajnikant everyone worships him and so do they idolize Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold did expressing the desire to be a part of RAjni in the music launch of I and it sure is a treat for all movie lovers hai na?  Arnold Schwarzenegger now part of Robot Sequel

Watch  Arnold Schwarzenegger Strike High with Rajnikant in sequel to RobotRajinikanth’s Robot sequel to have Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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