They are a duo.

They play a load of instruments between them. They use loop stations to hang their hooks upon and spontaneous creations to maintain interest on both sides of their performances.

Rohan- Bodhran, Hang, Sansula, Loop Station, Hand sonic and groove. Rohan Young is a well known traditional musician who plays outwith his comfort zone every single day of his life and who grows exponentially because of this approach. He is a very stylish player.

David- Guitar, Bass and Vocals, sings songs, tells stories and assassinates hagglers with a lovely glint in his teeth and some glee in his throat. He writes folk songs played in many styles and is thinking of getting a pet dog.

This pair pioneer a new era of music known as ALLOY. Setting a base then throwing out their web they absorb and assimilate other styles to digest, reject or refine into their own mannerisms. It takes the properties of different genres and assimilates them through their periodic table of genres into a new compound. They love what they do and it shows.

Once you see them you will never be able to forget them as they uplift your soul to a new cadence.

Debut EP is doing the underground rounds and is getting airplay and rave reviews. Their ever evolving stage shows are something to never miss and they are booked to play weekly slots in Belfast’s favourite bar, The Duke of York each tuesday from 9:30 til close..

Tune in again tomorrow!!!

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