Sexy West Point cheerleaders kiss for drunken Army football recruits

The Army football team decided to switch up their recruiting a bit this year by adding a busload of alcohol, girl-on-girl cheerleader action, a police escort and cash from boosters.

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point said it has disciplined 20 cadets for promoting underage drinking and other misdeeds and voluntarily reported the recruiting violation to the NCAA. Two other officers along with two coaches were also reprimanded. None of the cadets, however, will be dismissed from the academy, nor will any officers be court-martialed.

The 14 football recruits were wooed at West Point on January 24. They were originally supposed to go on a trip to the Palisades Mall on a chartered bus with full police escort accompanied by football players and two “Rabble Rousers” cheerleaders.

The bus made a detour to a local bowling alley known to allow underage drinking. Using booster money, cadets ordered beer towers for the high school recruits and got them wasted. Some of the cadets drank as many as seven drinks in 90 minutes before a drunken mess of a bus ride home.

On the way home, the music was bumping on the bus and its passengers were dancing in the aisles like it was a club. The two cheerleaders then decided to make out with each other before moving on to a football player and a recruit.

Army football recruiters also pimped out other cheerleaders, women’s basketball players and volleyball players to act as dinner dates for the recruits.


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