Sitra Massacre مجزرة سترة

Sitra Massacre
Bahrain – Sitra Island
15th of March 2011

A lot of photos were captured in the Sitra Medical Center, but no one knows how did the Sitra Massacre begin?

In this video, you will see:
How the Sitra Island citizens have tried to protect their houses & families from the Government Purging

The first stage:
Sending Bahraini Riot forces to shot the peacful people with the tear smokes, rubber bullets & “shot gun” weapon which is internationally prohibited! & is used just to kill animals not for the HUMANS!!

The second stage:
Letting Saudi Army (with Taliban & Al-Qaeedah Opinion) to enter Sitra Island for shot on any one watched outside his house (man, woman, baby, old man, old woman)!!

It was: Sectarian Attack !!


Video Recording: Bahrain Lens
Photo Music: Metal Gear
Video Music: Bahrain Lens
Martyr Photo: Revolution Photographer
Funeral Photos: Bahrain Lens
Montage: Bahrain Lens

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