Stuff that Works (Clark/Crowell) live in Beitostølen Leo Gillespie and the Mountain Band

A little jam up in the Norwegian mountains in the Bergo Hotel Beitostølen at the annual gathering of troubadours.With Lawrence Glaister,John Mandich,Phil Free,Eddie Ten Hoedt and Leo Gillespie.The Troubadour Festival.. A festival with a 20 year long tradition at Beitostølen. For more than two decades, Beitostølen has been the scheen of a unique event. The gathering of more than twenty artists who normally travel around the world and perform for people on the street has become a tradition that attracts both locals and visiting people to Beitostølen. The entertainment is original and placed in the most beautiful landscape. Come and experience the “streets” in the mountains. This is unique! Here, the street-singers gather from all over the world for some unforgettable days

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