The Kirby Stone Four – Baubles, Bangles And Bead – Vintage Music Songs

Enjoy: Baubles, Bangles And Bead – Vintage Music Songs The best vintage music of all time!
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Baugles, bangles and beads 00:00:00,00
Bidin’ my time 00:02:10,22
Lullaby of Broadway 00:04:21,24
Fugue for tinhorns 00:06:44,21
In the good old summertime 00:08:46,17
Rain 00:10:51,02
Zing! Went the strings of my heart 00:13:12,11
Let’s do it 00:15:36,10
When my sugar walks down the street 00:17:56,01
Swingin’ down the lane 00:19:53,18
Lady love me 00:22:00,23
Whispering 00:24:18,14
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