Various Artists – A World of Love | Once Upon a Time

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1. Nat King Cole – Unforgettable 00:00
2. Édith Piaf – La Vie en Rose 03:07
3. Ben E. King – Stand by Me 06:10
4. Fred Buscaglione – Guarda che Luna 09:03
5. Juliette Gréco – Romance 13:21
6. Louis Armstrong – I’m in the Mood for Love 16:15
7. Tony Dallara – Come Prima 19:24
8. Jack Scott – My True Love 21:23
9. Luciano Tajoli – Venezia, la Luna e Tu 24:07
10. Josephine Baker – Besame Mucho 27:06
11. Dean Martin – Innamorata (Sweetheart)30:12
12. Frank Sinatra – I Fall in Love with You Everyday 32:32
13. Billie Holiday – All of Me 35:08
14. Teddy Reno – La Più Bella del Mondo 38:09
15. Glenn Miller and His Orchestra – Moonlight Serenade 41:20
16. Herbie Mann – Deve Ser Amor 44:54
17. Jackie Wilson – To Be Loved 49:21
18. Toquinho – Acquarello 51:48
19. Nicola Arigliano – I Sing Ammore 56:04
20. Édith Piaf – Hymne à l’Amour 58:28
21. Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender 1:01:51
22. Johnny Dorelli – Love in Portofino 01:05:14
23. Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra – Night and Day 01:08:11
24. Bindi, Paoli, Endrigo, Lauzi – Il Mio Mondo / Senza Fine / L’Arca di Noè / E Penso a Te 01:11:08

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