Will.i.am sponsors newcomer Leah McFall

After successfully releasing her debut single ‘Home’ over the summer, Leah McFall is preparing to launch her first album this autumn.

Last year’s runner-up on the UK TV talent show The Voice, the Northern Irish singer has been recording the album with the help of her mentor, American rapper will.i.am, and a host of special guests.

“We had the top songwriters in the industry in the studio, with me actually in the session with them, which is incredible. So we had Jean Baptiste, Ester Dean, we had Toby Gad, Diane Warren wrote a song for us, and it’s just been amazing, you know,” she said.

Will.i.am, who coached McFall on the show, was so impressed with her performance that he took her under his wing and decided to feature on her debut single.

“I wrote the entire album with him,” she said. “And he’d write a verse and a chorus, and then he’d leave you and be like ‘Well, I’m going to go get something, and you work on the second verse.’ So then you’ve got a chance to… because he’s very quick, literally if you leave him for two minutes he’ll have the song written (laughs), which is amazing. But you’re just consistently learning from him. He’s just always inspired, everything inspires him. He’s consistently working or thinking about it because it’s not work to him, it’s his passion.”

Described as “a prodigious pop anthem” by one critic, Leah McFall’s debut single ‘Home’ has won her mostly positive reviews. Her album ‘Weird to Wonderful’ is due out this autumn.

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